Welcome to Tawas Family Theatre
Welcome to Tawas Family Theatre

Q. What movies will be playing next?

A. We book movies on Monday, usually on a week-to-week basis, in order to get the best possible film for that week. Sometimes when we request a certain movie, the movie company feels that our theater will not make enough money for them, so they will not release it to us on opening weekend. We might be able to pick it up after it has been out for a couple of weeks.



Q. Why do we have to play some movies so long?

A. When we book a movie on its opening day, we have to enter into a contract with the film studio that tells us how long we have to play the movie; now that we have TWO screens, we have to sign “multiplex theater” contacts, so the contract length can vary from two weeks to four weeks. If we get a movie two or more weeks AFTER it has been released nationally, our contract is usually for only one week.


Q.  Why do we prohibit customers from bringing in outside food?

A. Much of the admission revenue goes to the movie distributor and studio for digital rental. On certain "blockbuster" movies, this rental rate can be quite high and is based on gross box office receipts, not net profits, leaving concession revenue to cover a significant portion of the operating cost of the theater. At Tawas Family Theatre, however, we do strive to keep prices low to provide a fun and affordable night for families, one that won't dent your wallet as much as the big city multiplex theaters.